How To Increase Your Twitter Following

Why Quality Over Quantity Is Important When Building A Twitter Following

When businesses first start using Twitter there’s a temptation to focus on the size of your twitter following rather than it’s relevancy. There is much more to Twitter than the erroneous assumption that it’s another broadcast medium to “blast” your products or services out onto.

Being social online is much the same as being social offline, people move away from the overtly pushy sales guy at the networking meeting that’s totally focusing on themselves instead of opening their ears, listening and offering a solution to their challenge.

And that’s how you should approach social media too, engaging in meaningful relationships not only with potential clients, but also with potential influencers that can serve as a signpost to your social media output too.

When you’re building a following on Twitter, consider the age old mantra of “Quality over Quantity”. Far better to have a few hundred closely targeted followers who are going to champion your content, than a thousand irrelevant followers simply on the hope that one day they may become one of your customers. If they’re not relevant or not interested they won’t.

Here are 4 tips for measuring the quality of your Twitter Followers.

  • When was the last time they tweeted on their own timeline? If they haven’t tweeted in the last week and their timeline history shows inconsistent activity, then they’re probably not using Twitter a lot so they’re not going to engage with you. Check out their other social media sites and see if they favour a different channel.
  • Are they tweeting every 10 minutes of every day? If they are they’re probably using Twitter to spam every man and his dog without thinking about who is on the other end. Do yourself a favour and unfollow Twitter maniacs that do this and you’ll have a cleaner clearer view of your timeline the next time you fire up Twitter.
  • Do they find your tweets engaging? Are they actively re-tweeting what you post? If they are they’re highly engaged then you should nurture further those followers that are proving your biggest influencers. Reach out and see if there’s anything you can collaborate on together to mastermind and build something bigger.
  • Use tools such as Commun.It to regularly see who you should follow and unfollow. It’s a great tool for identifying your high value followers, and offers insights into some of the people you might want to unfollow too.

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