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Why Content Marketing Offers A Big Opportunity For Small Businesses

When it comes to digital marketing small businesses can benefit the most from Content Marketing as a small business usually has an intriguing story to tell from the outset . Whether it’s the person that discovered their passion and turned it into a new business with a niche of fanatical customers, or the long standing family run pillar of the community, telling the business back story is usually closer to the hearts of the small business owner and that’s a major advantage over a larger businesses.

Think of the video opportunities an artisan bakery has to tell the story of their ingredients journey from mill to mouth, the life balancing advice a local yoga teacher can give on their blog to complement their practice or how about some complementary hair care fact sheets made available for download from a local hair salon’s website.

Build your content themes around the seasons and you’ve got a simple year long strategy for keeping your customers engaged and away from the competition that isn’t providing that extra value.

Never has their been a better time to take advantage of the opportunity content marketing offers for small businesses. What people want to find when they search online is useful information, answers to questions, and Google is optimizing it’s search algorithms to provide the most relevant answers to those questions.

Search Engine Optimization is now about providing the best answers to a question and no longer about keywords. Making useful, informative and authoritative content available from your website and on your social media channels is a sure fire way to build reputation , trust and sales conversions.

Content marketing doesn’t have to be a time consuming task either. There are plenty of tools (many free) that can help you create and distribute content efficiently, with a little planning and consistency of output you can start getting results with your online content marketing strategy very quickly.

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