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Why Business Blogging Is The Biggest Opportunity Of The Decade

At this year’s Content Marketing Show Tom Elgar from Passle gave us some astounding statistics; 80% of businesses don’t have a blog and of the 20% that do just over a third don’t keep their blogs updated. So roughly only 12 out of 100 businesses have a blog that they actively use.

Blogs are a great channel for content marketing. They’re relatively easy to set up and any business can quickly start their own publishing platform to complement their website’s product pages at minimal or zero cost. So why is it that more businesses don’t use blogging as a content marketing tool?

70% of businesses do understand the value of running a blog and keeping it up to date, but the biggest reason for not starting or abandoning business blogging is a lack of time and skills to blog effectively.

Flipping this thinking around reveals that there is a massive opportunity for those businesses that do take on the challenge of managing their time effectively to make room for business blogging. Whilst the thought of becoming a digital journalist was not on your mind when you first started your business venture, learning how to write good content or finding the right help to publish your blog posts to a regular schedule is an ever increasing essential skill in the online marketing arena.

One to two posts published every week adds up to 104 pieces of content per year that’s out on the search engines, shared on Twitter, republished via RSS feeds. That content has a compound effect of increasing your organic website visitors so the more regularly you write and share your blog posts the more your audience grows exponentially. What business wouldn’t want more eyeballs and more attention? If you’re scared of getting writers block or just couldn’t imagine what you’d write about check out this post for inspiration

Just a few of the benefits of adding a regularly updated blog to your business website:

  • Builds trust in your business and brand
  • Keeps customers returning to your website
  • Is inherently a useful value added service to your customers
  • Gives a way for your customers to comment and interact with your website
  • Increases your SEO visibility
  • Shows your expertise in your field
  • Gives your website content “instant shareability”
  • Educates your customers on the benefits of your market and your products
  • Makes your website sticky and engaging

Measure the engagement of your posts through Google Analytics and adjust your topics and style towards the posts that work and take out the topics that don’t get the pickup or shares. In no time at all you’ll have a concentrated area on your website of highly relevant information that attracts an audience attuned to your brand. Don’t forget you can also use the blog to educate your readership about your products too with instructional videos, step by step guides and success stories highlighting the benefits and value of your products so we should throw social proof into the long list of benefits of business blogging.

Whilst personal blogging may have exploded in the last few years, I’m still surprised how early we are in the evolution of blogging for business. The opportunity for your business is there for the taking. If you plan your time well it’s not as hard as the 80% of businesses without a blog might think, so if you haven’t started a business blog yet start one today. If you’ve abandoned your blog start putting some time in your diary on a regular basis and get publishing now.

Do you run a business blog? How has it helped your business build trust and grow your audience on the web? Share your success stories in the comment section below.

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