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New Book Shows Advertising Your Business Online Is Easier Than You Think.

For most small businesses, advertising their products and services online is an essential way to reach customers outside of their local market.

However online advertising seems like a complex area to understand with many acronyms and technical jargon being used like PPC, CPM, CTR, CRO and then there’s the choice of advertising platforms; display, banners, search, video, social and mobile advertising to name just a few.

It’s no wonder that many businesses are scared to dip their toe into the online advertising world through fear of overwhelm or lack of knowledge, however they shouldn’t be because carried out in the right way, online advertising is actually one of the most cost-effective methods of acquiring new customers.

Essential Online Advertising - Spend Wisely, Get Results By Heather Robinson

So it’s timely that Heather Robinson, founder of digital marketing agency Skittish is helping break down the knowledge barriers of online advertising for SMEs and entrepreneurs with her new book “Essential Online Advertising – Spend Wisely, Get Results”.

I’ve read quite a few books on online advertising before, many of which are large volumes dedicated to individual platforms and every one has remained firmly on my shelf mostly unread or as they’re so in-depth I’ve never got past the first few pages.

Small businesses need easy to read guides to get them started right now, not a university sized library of information they’ll never take action on.

“Essential Online Advertising” is very different.  It’s an easy to read concise 96 page pocket-sized book that distills only the important things that the small business owner needs to know about online advertising so that they can understand how to allocate their advertising budget to get maximum returns from it. It gives you the facts you need to know to take action right now for your business.

Heather’s empathetic approach to small business owners means that she doesn’t presume you already have a marketing degree (most small business owners don’t, entrepreneurs get just the information they need then take action and adjust along the way). The tone of the book is pitched just right for new and experienced business owners alike.

Most solopreneurs and small business owners will do one of two things when it comes to their online advertising. They’ll either wear their own digital marketing hat and learn the basic strategies themselves or they’ll hire a consultant to help build out an online advertising strategy.

Either way they’ll need to understand where to invest their advertising budget best whether they do the work themselves or outsource it. That’s where “Essential Online Advertising” excels. Heather understands the needs of the small business because she works with them in the trenches every day.

Each chapter of the book is based around the top questions that entrepreneurs have about their online advertising challenges and the answers are clear, down to earth and jargon free. The book answers these questions that pretty much every business owner has:

  • Does advertising on Google AdWords and social media work for every industry, business, product or service?
  • How much will online advertising cost me?
  • How can I make sure I get the best results for my online advertising budget?
  • Which online advertising platforms are the best to use for my business?
  • How do I know if a campaign is performing well?
  • How do I optimise my campaigns for better results?

Everything is explained in simple terms (because actually the math for online advertising is very simple) and that’s what I like about this book the most, it’s ability to translate a complex subject into very simple actionable steps that any new or existing business can follow.

Even if you are employing a consultant to take care of your online advertising budget you’ll be able to have more connected conversations with them if you understand the landscape they work in (many advertising acronyms are explained very simply in Heather’s book).

If you’ve ever run an online advertising campaign before and feel like you haven’t got a good return on the money you invested, or you’re about to embark on a campaign for your business, read this book first. It will save you time and money and increase your profits when you put Heather’s advice into action. This is the best £6.99 you’ll spend on your business by far.

Essential Online Advertising – Spend Wisely, Get Results is published by The Solopreneur Publishing Company Ltd and is available to buy from Oodlebooks

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