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Top Tips For Marketing Your Business On Twitter – Part 2

Just 7 short years ago, Twitter was simply an idea with a couple of people working on the platform. Now it’s one of the fastest growing social networks and one that businesses large and small are leveraging to connect with new customers daily.

According to Twitter itself here are some astounding statistics about its platform:

  • Twitter has 284 million monthly active users
  • 500 million Tweets are sent per day
  • 80% of Twitter active users are on mobile
  • 77% of Twitter accounts are outside the U.S.
  • Twitter supports 35+ languages

If your business is using Twitter as a way to reach new customers or nurture and interact with existing clients, then you’ll want to keep reviewing and improving how you’re managing your Twitter marketing efforts.

We recently interviewed Sharel Omer, CEO and founder of Twitter management and metrics tool Commun.IT, an online platform that helps you build out a more targeted and loyal following on Twitter and he shared his top tips for marketing your business on Twitter.

Improve Your Social Media Conversion RateWhat inspired you to start Commun.IT and how has the company and platform grown and evolved since it was founded?

We are passionate about people and relationships, and found that on social media it’s very hard to manage and grow personal relationships as you grow.

Once you have many followers and engagements, you start to lose the personal touch. So, we built a service that helps solve this problem – serves as your personal community manager, which makes sure you engage with the people who are important to you – even when you scale.

What do you consider the greatest opportunities when using Twitter as a platform for generating business relationships?

On Twitter you can reach out to anyone, and if you do it right, they can respond, you can start an authentic conversation – and proceed from there to whatever makes sense for that relationship.

How can a business attract and build the right following on Twitter?Twitter Marketing For Business

By focusing on your customer’s interests, on their true core values, and being relevant for them.

Sharing quality content and engaging with the right people who match the business’ interest. By the way – these can be defined in as monitored items.

How does Commun.IT help find a relevant audience on Twitter?

By the discover leads and monitored items functionalities, we help the user define this keywords and monitor the most relevant people who mention them. Our internal logic looks at the existing relationships and following to deliver more relevant results.

When a business is analyzing its audience what sort of information and insight about its following can be discovered from Twitter using tools like

Lots of data… the user’s most used hashtags and interests, following/follow-since metrics too. This helps understand the history of the relationship, full relationship history so you will see all the history with the user, and much more.

Once a business starts gaining the right following on Twitter, do you have any advice on keeping an audience engaged?

Yes, a few simple pointers – retweet and share their most popular statuses, thank them for the engagements and re-engage with them if you did not talk to them in a while (this is easily done with built-in features of

powermarketingiconWhat metrics should businesses be tracking and measuring when they’re building a following on Twitter?

Engagement growth is important, as it shows that more and more people are connecting with your content. Also, growth in impressions – this shows that more people are exposed to your content.

How does help businesses discover and connect to potential influencers and supporters of its business on Twitter? is unique in identifying your business’ influencers and supporters. We do the analysis relative to your community, then we suggest actions on these members. Such actions could be to thank them for being engaged, retweet their quality content, and other best practices.

Twitter is a much underused market research and competitor analysis tool, how can tools like Commun.IT help in this area?

You can define a monitored item and see all of the people who have ever mentioned it. You can export this data to Excel, analyze it and gain further insights. You can monitor competitors and identify who are their influencers and engaged members. This teaches you a lot about the business’ actual positioning, which people they actually reach and what this says about how they see themselves and how their (potential) customers see them.

Marketing Your Business On TwitterAs with any social channel Twitter should form part of a wider marketing strategy, in what way does Commun.IT support other digital marketing channels?

Very true; we always listen to our users to understand the tools they use and how we can best work with these tools to create a great, effective experience. We already have various integrations, among them built-in support for Buffer. We’re also part of the Wix marketplace. These days we’re working on a beta version of a new Facebook module. Once this is out, it will integrate the data from Twitter and FB, enabling you to communicate with a person via Twitter or FB in a seamless way.

With so much publicly available data available on Twitter can Commun.IT help filter and feed an existing CRM system to help generate leads from Twitter?

Existing CRM systems show only existing customers, it’s impossible and not recommended to add all followers as leads to CRM. However, there are leads in your community – you just need to manage them correctly. helps you do that – to identify the quality leads and build relationships with them so you can eventually convert them into CRM leads.

Another way to utilize is through growing customer long term value. We identify the customers who engaged on social media, or that you did not engage with in a while, and make sure you engage with them first and deepen the relationships, making them customers for a longer period of time.

Finally what are the top 3 tips for marketing your business on Twitter that you would give a small business owner that wants to be more successful on the platform?


  • Give relevant value. Share quality content that interests your community.
  • Thank your community members, appreciate their retweets, mentions and follows. They do mean a lot.
  • Follow and unfollow based on relationships and shared interests, not only to engage with influencers, and surely not with a goal to simply “get more followers”.

To find out more about and how it can help your business perform better on Twitter, head over to their website at for more information.

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