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Top Tips For Marketing Your Business On Twitter – Part 1

Over the next few weeks we’re getting the top tips for marketing your business on twitter from leaders at the front line of social media marketing. This week’s interview is with Javier Burón, CEO of SocialBro, a company that produces Twitter monitoring and analytics software. He shares his secret top tips for marketing your business on Twitter.

There’s no doubt that social media is a powerful digital marketing channel for business small and large. Used in the right way it can dramatically increase the number of targeted leads you generate for your business, however ensuring you’re monitoring the success of your social media efforts is vitally important.

Twitter Business Marketing TipsJavier what inspired you to start SocialBro and how has the company and platform grown and evolved since it was founded?

We started out with Follow Friday, creating rankings of the top users recommended for #FF around the world. Their Twitter popularity began to grow their followers base was increasing everyday, then the thought struck, who were these users interested in Follow Friday? Why were they recommending a particular user for #FF? That’s when we saw an opportunity for what is now SocialBro.

Launched in Spain in April 2011 and headquartered in London, SocialBro was a participant in the Seedcamp program. SocialBro secured its Series A VC funding round in 2013, which was led by Scottish Equity Partners, one of the leading technology investors in Europe.

This funding enabled the business to ramp up delivery of its product roadmap and firmly establish itself as the ‘go to’ for organizations wanting to extract brand value and revenues from Twitter.

What do you consider the greatest opportunities when using Twitter as a platform for generating business relationships?

Twitter is leveling the playing field for businesses by offering enterprise and small businesses alike the opportunity to expand their audience and increase brand awareness at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

With 135,000 new Twitter profiles being created every day, Twitter is fast becoming the platform of choice for brands. Twitter’s constant flow of communication is an unprecedented window into the world of your potential customers and amongst the flood of thoughts and opinions are millions of brand mentions, product queries, and buyer signals.

Buyer signals that easily be identified by businesses if they have their ear to the ground (using the right social media analytics tools). Brands are integrating campaigns with hashtags, it’s not just about getting your brand in front of your audience with a TV commercial or billboard anymore, it’s about engaging and building a positive relationship with the end consumer.

How can a business attract and build the right following on Twitter?

  • With a social strategy that contains clearly outlined objectives
  • Share relevant content and information
  • Use ‘behind the scenes’ information to entice Twitter users to follow you
  • Find influential users in your industry and follow them
  • Interact with your community and influencers by favoriting, sharing, retweeting their messages

Twitter Business Marketing TipsHow does SocialBro help find a relevant audience on Twitter?

SocialBro’s filter and search functions allow precision targeting and segmentation for the creation of tailored audience lists from your own audience, your competitor’s audience and general conversations on Twitter, for integrated use in organic engagement or Direct Message and Twitter Ad campaigns.

Additionally SocialBro offers tools for the seamless creation and management of Twitter lists, so you can easily keep track of the Twitter users you’re looking specifically engage with or just monitor their activity. From there, the Follower Retention tool provides the ability to track and optimize acquisition performance for any Twitter campaigns.

When a business is analyzing its audience what sort of information and insight about its following can be discovered from Twitter using tools like SocialBro?

SocialBro’s core strength lies in the granularity of its search and segmentation filters. The level of detail the platform can provide about each individual user is second to none. A whole range of insights are provided from where they are located, what they are talking about, the links they are sharing and the Twitter accounts they’re following.

View your whole Twitter story at a glance with follower overviews, or zoom right down into user behavior and conversation topics, allowing you to build more meaningful engagement

Once a business starts gaining the right following on Twitter, do you have any advice on keeping an audience engaged?

  • Share relevant content to your audience
  • Provide exclusive offers and behind the scenes content that only they will see
  • Give them a reason to follow you, engage with them!

Twitter Business Marketing TipsWhat metrics should businesses be tracking and measuring when theyre building a following on Twitter?

In the beginning your Twitter KPIs will naturally be more basic, they’ll focus on building a following and… only from there will you then be able to take measurement to the next level by determining how many leads you generate through tracking links for your Twitter marketing campaigns.

How does SocialBro help businesses discover and connect to potential influencers and supporters of its business on Twitter?

SocialBro’s granular filter and search functions allow for detailed segmentation and targeting. By using a combination of these search and filters, businesses can easily identify influencers in their particular industry. From there you can feed this list into other key areas of SocialBro’s tools, to create a Twitter list or build a tailored audience list for use in your Twitter Ad campaigns. The platform is all about actionable data.

Twitter is a much underused market research and competitor analysis tool, how can tools like SocialBro help in this area?

Most marketers don’t have the time or budget to conduct focus groups with large numbers of their target audience. Social media is now the world’s largest focus group, what once cost thousands in market research can now be done at a fraction of the cost by professionals armed with the right analytical tools.

Twitter’s constant flow of information is an unprecedented window into the world of your potential customers and the emphasis on open communication makes it the ideal channel for market research. At SocialBro we’ve recognized the oppportunity for businesses and coming soon we have a new indepth

monitoring tool. Comprehensive global Twitter monitoring and powerful campaign management functionality in one seamless end to end resource. The data gathered through monitoring practices is only as valuable as the insights you can glean from it. The most crucial aspect of any monitoring process is how you connect it back into your campaigns. With the monitoring feature feeding back into SocialBro’s suite of powerful marketing tools, this is exactly what we aim to achieve.

Twitter Business Marketing TipsAs with any social channel Twitter should form part of a wider marketing strategy, in what way does SocialBro support other digital marketing channels a business might be using?

SocialBro allows you to cross reference data from Twitter monitoring with wider marketing campaigns to maximize performance of email marketing, advertising, PR and other channels. Easy collaboration capability enables you to share data across teams and facilitates an integrated cross channel approach to generating leads, customers and ROI. And SocialBro’s analytical tools provide the ability to track and optimize acquisition performance for any Twitter campaigns.

Additionally, by marrying your email database with existing Twitter users, you can create synchronized social and email campaigns based on interests and popular trends. Improving your community and strengthening the offline relationships you have by incorporating them with online activities.

With so much publicly available data available on Twitter can SocialBro help filter and feed an existing CRM system to help generate leads from Twitter?

Twitter is an essential driver in sales. The conversations you engage in, the users your connect with and the followers of your competitors are all potential customers. SocialBro recognizes this and offers integration with CRM systems Salesforce and Nimble to simplify the lead conversion process. Use SocialBro’s search and filter functions to locate potential customers from your followers, your competitor’s followers or conversations.

Simply export them to Salesforce or Nimble where your sales team can take advantage of this information and convert these leads into customers. Additionally you can go that step further and marry your email database with existing Twitter users to create synchronized social and email campaigns based on interests and popular trends.

Improve your community and strengthening the offline relationships you have by incorporating them in online activities.

Finally what are the top 3 tips you would give a small business owner that wants to be more successful at marketing on Twitter

  1. Determine exactly who it is that you’re aiming to target and try to align them with your overall ‘Business Goals’. If you’re new to Twitter, outline some goals for the channel, such as: ‘gain x amount of followers in this quarter’, ‘drive x amount of traffic to my website in the next six months’.
  1. Tell people you’re there, integrate Twitter with your wider marketing strategy. Make sure your existing and potential customers know you’re there, with updates, special offers, etc. Additionally, give people a reason to follow you use social media as a place to showcase exclusive content, announce product updates or share behind the scenes content.
  1. Balance Outbound With Inbound. Nobody wants to be bombarded with blatant sales messages, so make a point to Tweet valuable content that’s not just a direct plug for your own business. You may already be creating inbound marketing content such as blogs, research papers, or infographics, but if not, sharing content from other industry sources could be of interest to your community.

By actively listening to your target audience’s conversations you’re able to identify opportunities for engagement and joining in conversations increases the exposure of your brand. Create a list of key influencers, top blogs, and relevant breaking news sites will give you a steady stream of content ideas to share. On top of this, post quotes, pictures or comments that add some personality to your profile in a way that’s relevant to your business.

A big thank you to Javier Burón for offering his in depth insight on how to improve your Twitter business marketing, if you want to find out more about how SocialBro’s toolset can help you analyse, engage and monetise your Twitter audience  head over to their website at

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