How To Get More Twitter Followers

Top Tips For Getting Maximum Engagement On Twitter

Understanding how to use Twitter for your business can be challenging and time consuming so developing the right strategy for your business and brand on the social messaging service is key to your business success.

We’ve compiled the top takeaways from the recent TwitterAcademy webcasts showing you how you can get the maximum engagement with your audience on Twitter.

1) Find Your Voice On Twitter

The best way to find your voice on twitter is to listen to the conversations that are already happening on the platform. Get to know your audience and what matters to them by monitoring your audience. Listen to what customers are saying about your brand and your industry and develop your tone from this research.

Use Twitter to stay on top of market trends by monitoring your competitors and finding influencers to connect with.

When using Twitter here are three things that will help build your voice:

  • Be human. Humanize your brand and reflect your business personality
  • Be responsive. Promptly respond to conversations your audience is having with you, especially critical tweets about your business
  • Be flexible. Adjust your tone depending on the situation, the conversation or the audience

The real time nature of twitter calls for being timely. Twitter is an instant medium with a short shelf life so keep things fresh with 3-5 new tweets per day. Develop relevant timely and engaging content around your audience

Best Way To Get Twitter Followers

Don’t try to be all things to all people on Twitter. Pick one of these style pairings and you won’t go far wrong

  • Informative & Fun
  • Informative & Helpful
  • Fun & Helpful

2) Creating Great Content

Twitter is all about sharing great content with a wide audience and one of the questions it’s helpful to understand is why do people share content on Twitter? Great content is positive and useful, and grabs peoples attention so make sure you’re using photos and videos in tweets to make your content more engaging.

A great tip when tweeting is to put a question mark in a tweet. It increases engagement as it gets people thinking. Ultimately when you are creating content for Twitter ask yourself if your tweet is “retweet-able”

So what types of content gets the biggest engagement on Twitter? To answer this we need to look at what motivates your followers. Research from Twitter themselves shows that the top 5 motivators for engagement on Twitter are

  1.  Tweet to get a freebie
  2. Information about an upcoming sale
  3. Retweet for an offer
  4. Info about a future product
  5. Funny or insightful comments

how to get more twitter followers

When planning content for Twitter, develop real time content and make a day to day content plan. Set up specific days for special content (think theme days) so you can plan ahead and keep users engaged to an expected “diary”. Don’t forget to align your Twitter activity with your marketing calendar, product launches and other PR campaigns.

Businesses also find it challenging to find content for their Twitter channel, however when you come to identifying content to share think beyond your in-house content. Retweet or share business partner content, pass on useful tips, use spokespeople and thought leaders as content providers and retweet your followers information to share it with the rest of your own tribe. A top tip here is to show videos and photos of experts or people connected with your company (don’t forget to @ them too).

Relevant holidays and cultural events can also be a great opportunity to connect with your audience too.

3) Designing Shareable Content

Twitter is a great medium to show off your expertise in your field and highlight your industry connections. Inform and educate your followers, share exclusive scoops or pass along resources. Provide access to your company or industry thought leaders and act as a curator of content for your followers.

Twitter is also a great channel to develop exclusive promotions. Get your followers excited by unlocking special discounts and deals. Tease and reveal exclusive offers or distribute coupons and flyers for exclusive sales.

Make sure you are using hashtags to organizer your conversations. Use hashtags and @handles everywhere in your content (although avoid using too many hashtags in one tweet, it’s seen as hashtag spam to many).

Keep your conversations focused and on topic and gauge the audience sentiment and feedback on your Twitter output. Talk directly to your followers and adjust. Make sure you respond quickly to any service requests to provide a great user experience.

increase your follower count on twitter

Rich media messages drive engagement so make sure you’re including media summaries, photos, audio and video into your tweets to elevate engagement. Tweets that contain links receive 86% higher retweet rates than  tweets with no links and image links have twice the engagement rate than tweets without image links.

How have you engaged your audience on Twitter recently? Share your Twitter experiences or ask a question about any of the topics we’ve covered in this post in the comment section below.

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