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The Rise Of Mobile Voice Search Gets A Boost With Android 4.4 KitKat

With the recent launch of the Nexus 5 mobile handset the fast pace of voice search that’s been led by Siri on IOS and Google on it’s android platform has taken a further step forward. The Nexus 5 runs the latest Android OS 4.4 named Kit Kat and along with this new OS comes an always on voice search (at the moment for US users only, with UK on it’s way soon).

Call out “OK Google” as your hotword and your nexus phone is ready to listen to your every search command. According to reports on a number of mobile tech blogs, unusually the hands free voice search is built into the software not the hardware, so expect this new search functionality to reach a wider device base than just the Nexus range soon.

The bigger picture here is that as mobile search, and in particular voice search grows, and as user behaviour starts to morph from what people type to what people are saying, businesses looking to serve up relevant content better start thinking about the effect it will have on their SEO results. As hundreds of years of language evolution shows, people use different words, meanings and styles when they talk than when they write.

Over the next couple of years businesses that relied on keywords, backlinks and other outdated ways of getting themselves found in search engines are going to have to evolve and align with the new rise of mobile interactions, and the inevitable shift in mindset that comes with it, or find themselves buried in depths of page 500 in Google. Alongside cross device tracking of your customers, optimizing your website pages for phones and tablets now comes optimization for conversation as part of the future SEO mix too.

How is your business tackling the rise of mobile users and voice searching? We’d love to hear your feedback so leave a comment below, we read them all!

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