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The 3 Biggest Changes That Will Influence Digital Marketing In 2014

In 2013 we saw a number of marketing milestones that defined a shift of strategy for digital marketing professionals and business owners. The way we market and promote our products and services is changing and 2014 is going to be a year of managing and learning a new set of skills to effectively communicate a brand’s message. Here are our top 3 milestones from 2013 that changed the way we will be planning digital marketing campaigns next year.

1) Google Keyword “Not Provided” Data

In the last quarter of 2013 it was no big surprise that Google carried out their planned culling of organic keyword data. This meant that nearly overnight everyone lost their analytics keyword tracking ability and could no longer measure the effectiveness of their targeted keywords. The marketing world reacted in two ways, with left brain data analysts planning to find other metrics that they could aggregate and match as close as possible to provide similar data to that which google took away, and the right side creatives screamed for joy in the realisation that content marketing was going to be the new SEO and give Google the relevancy they wanted.

Rand Fishkin’s “Not Provided” Whiteboard Tuesday

The New Mindset Of SEO

New SEO Strategies

2) Twitter Advertising

In 2014 Twitter released their Pay Per Click advertising product to the world. It worked essentially in the same way as Google Adwords in that you search the Twitter Keyword tool and bid on the relevant keywords. Whether this interruptive approach to social media will be effective or not remains to be seen in the long term conversion rates. First fears were that everyones Twitter timelines would be polluted with paid “shouting” from advertisers using “Promoted” tweets. In 2014 whether you’re using organic or paid for campaigns on Twitter there’s still a strategy of engagement to stick to for the microblogging platform.

Twitter Advertising pros and cons

Getting Maximum Engagement With Twitter

3) Mobile And Voice Search

Although we’ve had Siri on Apple IOS devices for a while now, Google’s “OK Google” on android tablets and it’s new Nexus phone is now bringing voice search closer to the consumer. With the predicted early 2014 consumer launch of Google Glass we’re only going to see more people speaking to their devices than typing in their search queries. With the explosion of mobile and the fact that there are now more mobile devices on the planet than people, t his is going to shape new data and feedback on the way we interpret what people are searching for in the year ahead.

The Rise Of Mobile Voice Search

Mobile Website Strategies

What were the biggest changes for you in 2013 and what effect did they have on your marketing strategies? We’d love to hear your comments in the discussion section below.

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