Manage Social Media

3 Tools To Help You Manage Your Social Media More Effectively

Do you find it challenging to keep up with your social media? Are you overwhelmed with tweets, posts, mentions, hashtags and friends requests? While it’s now essential to be engaging with your audience on social media it can be a task that gets left behind if you don’t have someone looking after it full time…

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Improve Your Social Media Conversion Rate

5 Ways To Improve Conversion From Your Social Media Marketing

If you’re using social media to promote your small business and your current social strategies are not getting the results you had hoped for, here are 5 key areas that you might want to consider drilling down into to improve the conversions you get from your social media marketing efforts. 1) Write Customer Focused Twitter…

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Social Media Goals To Grow Your Business

Are You Setting Social Media Goals That Will Grow Your Business?

Small businesses understand that social media is an important part of their online marketing, however many feel that they’re not getting a good return on investment give the time and effort they put into building their network of leads and new customers. One of the key reasons many small businesses feel disappointed with their social…

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Social Media Icons

Who’s Winning In the Fight For Social Media Dominance?

When it comes to marketing your business on social media the rules of the game are changing. With both Twitter and Facebook making significant changes to the way they operate by pushing their ad solutions to marketers and making organic reach harder, new strategies for connecting to your audiences on social channels means a change…

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How To Get More Twitter Followers

Top Tips For Getting Maximum Engagement On Twitter

Understanding how to use Twitter for your business can be challenging and time consuming so developing the right strategy for your business and brand on the social messaging service is key to your business success. We’ve compiled the top takeaways from the recent TwitterAcademy webcasts showing you how you can get the maximum engagement with…

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Build A Twitter Following

Amplifying Your Content On Twitter By Connecting With Influencers

Twitter is a great way to build an audience for your business or your blog, however getting traction and traffic relies on more than just sending out regular tweets and hoping that you’ll be found, retweeted and followed. There are a number of strategies you can use to make sure that the engaging content you’re…

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Broadcaster Jill Kenton

Top Tips For Social Media Success From Broadcaster, Entrepreneur And Digital Socialite Jill Kenton

At New Rise Digital we’re always looking to feature case studies on web marketing best practice, and today we’re taking a look at promoting your business online using social media. Using tools such as Facebook and Twitter has become an integral part of the marketing strategy for promoting any business, whether it’s offline or online…

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Buliding Trust In Your Business Online

The Top 3 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make When Creating Their Online Social Profiles

When customers make a purchase from your online business pretty much every time the decision to purchase from you is not based on how your product or service fulfills their needs, or the pricing of your product. In nearly 99.9% of transactions the customer will purchase from you online because they trust you. The customer…

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Automatically Share Your Blog Posts On Social Media

How To Reach A Bigger Audience With Social Media Distribution

If you are running a WordPress blog for your business and want a fast and easy way to increase the audience that sees your posts here’s a handy plugin from NextScripts that will take care of distributing your blog posts to your social media accounts automatically. The plugin is called Social Network Auto Poster (or…

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Gaining More Followers On Twitter

How To Use Twitter As A Social Notepad To Gain New Followers

Growing your audience on Twitter can be something that small business owners and entrepreneurs find time consuming, but have you ever thought of integrating your tweeting strategy into things you’re already doing? I’m a great fan of using online tools to do things simultaneously rather than having to spend extra time duplicating tasks, and with…

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