Watford Business Show Simon Dunant Social and Content Marketing Strategies For Small Business

EDM004 Social And Content Strategies You Can Use Today In Your Business

Welcome to episode 4 of the Essential Digital Marketing Podcast. Each show we explore a digital marketing topic and give you strategies, insights and tips to help you grow your business online. For your own FREE in depth digital marketing course head on over to our website at http://newrisedigital.com/edm On today’s podcast I’m bringing you my…

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Watford Business Show Simon Dunant Content Marketing

Free Content Marketing Strategy Workshop @ The Watford Business Show – 25th November

New Rise Digital will be exhibiting and presenting a free content marketing strategy seminar at the 2016 Watford Business Show & Business Growth Show South East, both running alongside each other at  The Langley, Watford High Street on the 25th November. The show is open from 10.00am to 3.00 pm. You can register for FREE entry tickets to…

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Creating A Facebook Group For Your Business

How To Create A Facebook Group And Unlock New Business Opportunities

One of the most underused social media strategies that most entrepreneurs are unfamiliar with is how to create a Facebook group to grow their business. Many business owners already have a Facebook page, but a page is a very closed one way connection with your clients, and social media can help you unlock new revenue…

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Max Pepe, Mark Walker, Ben Green at Google Campus Podcasting Event

The Untapped Opportunities Of Podcasting For Content Marketers @ Google London

We’ve recently hosted our first podcasting event at Google Campus London, titled ‘The Untapped Opportunities Of Podcasting For Content Marketers’. The event was hosted by Simon Dunant, Founder, New Rise Digital and the panel featured Ben Green, Senior Multimedia Producer, Guardian News and Media, Max Pepe, Founder Rebelhead Entrepreneurs and Mark Walker, Head of Content Marketing,…

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Branding Your Twitter Account

The Definitive Guide To Branding Your Twitter Account

Branding your Twitter account is essential to building trust with potential new followers and customers that discover you on the social media platform. In this set of step by step videos you will learn how to brand and design your Twitter page to create a professional looking profile. We’ve also provided downloadable templates to get…

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Twitter Chat Social Media SproutChat

Twitter Chat Best Practices With SproutSocial’s Sarah Nagel

Today at New Rise Digital we’re talking to Sarah Nagel self confessed Twitter Queen and social marketing specialist at Sprout Social For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Sprout Social is a social media management and engagement platform for businesses that helps you communicate easily with your customers and communities on Twitter, Facebook,…

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The Ultimate List Of Twitter Marketing Resources For Small Business

50 Shades Of Blue: The Hottest List Of Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter is an fantastic tool to market your business on the web to attract new leads and customers, however most people are under using the potential of tweeting because they’re not using the right resources to support their social marketing efforts. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of what we consider to be 50 of the…

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Twitter Business Marketing Tips From Sharel Omer Commun.IT

Top Tips For Marketing Your Business On Twitter – Part 2

Just 7 short years ago, Twitter was simply an idea with a couple of people working on the platform. Now it’s one of the fastest growing social networks and one that businesses large and small are leveraging to connect with new customers daily. According to Twitter itself here are some astounding statistics about its platform:…

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Online Advertising Advice For Small Business

New Book Shows Advertising Your Business Online Is Easier Than You Think.

For most small businesses, advertising their products and services online is an essential way to reach customers outside of their local market. However online advertising seems like a complex area to understand with many acronyms and technical jargon being used like PPC, CPM, CTR, CRO and then there’s the choice of advertising platforms; display, banners,…

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Video Marketing For Small Business

Why Your Small Business Should Be Part Of The Video Marketing Revolution

It was only a few years ago that any sort of film or video making was inherently expensive and using moving images for marketing campaigns was confined to the large corporations with pockets deep enough to hire a big London based ad agency. Whilst the blockbuster video advertising is still a part of that corporate…

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