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Organizing Your Content Marketing Campaign With Trello Task Manager

One of the biggest reasons that a content marketing campaign may fail is because it’s badly planned out. It can be overwhelming when you have videos to make, blog posts to post, eBooks to create, landing pages to build, Social media schedules to keep up with.

Each of these projects have to be broken down into smaller tasks and it’s usually one or more of the smaller tasks that can get missed or be delayed, pushing back deadlines and completion dates. However there is a simple to use online tool that you can use to keep on top of your campaign’s many tasks, it’s called Trello and it’s free.

Trello is similar to the popular Evernote application, but it has a much less cluttered interface and in practice it’s much easier to use. Trello is based on the concept of cards (you can think of these cards as virtual post it notes) and cards are organized into lists. List’s live on virtual boards and you can create a board for each part of your content campaign to track it’s process.

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At the most basic level when you create a new board it has three lists set up by default, To Do, Doing and Done although you can add extra lists to add new steps to the process. I use Trello to manage my blog posting schedule for example, and I’ve added a list called “Blog Idea Pool” before the other three lists so that I can note down new ideas for development into posts and feed them through the Trello Do, Doing Done filter. It’s proved amazingly productive and if you also blog on a regular basis for your business Trello can definitely help you publish like clockwork every time and on time.

There’s also a mobile app too so if you’re on the go and either complete a task or you’re inspired to get something done on your task list, you can fire up the Trello App on your iOS or Android device and get straight to it

If you have multiple people working on a project you can also invite them to collaborate on a board too so that they can update the project, move cards through the to do funnel and complete tasks, and assigning people to cards complete with a thumbnail image to represent them is a really good visual way to see who’s working on what and where they are up to with tasks. This is particularly useful for outsourced contractors that may be contributing to your campaigns as you can see the progress they’re making in real time.

If you’re struggling to get your content marketing campaign or any other part of your business organized I’d definitely recommend checking out Trello further for yourself today over at their website

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  • Stephanie

    Reply Reply October 1, 2015

    What do you use for strategic planning of a content marketing campaign? Trello is useful for executing the tactics, but I’m not able to see the campaign at a holistic level (channels like email, social media platforms, landing pages, etc). Suggestions?

    • Simon Dunant

      Reply Reply December 24, 2015

      Hi Stephanie

      If you’re looking for something more comprehensive (although not free like Trello) then Mindjet Mind Manager is my first go to choice to plan out a content marketing campaign in more detail, especially if I’m creating funnels.

      Hope this helps and thanks for the comment!



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