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Is Your WordPress Website Secured Against Login Attacks?

You might have heard about the recent high profile successful cyberattacks against eBay and Adobe, however don’t just think that hackers are only after the big guns.

If you’re running any size of website, from the smallest blog running on WordPress to a full blown eCommerce website taking thousands of transactions every day, you’re at risk of gettting targeted so you should ensure you have good security measures to prevent your website being taken over.

Wordfence WordPress Security PluginYou should always consult a qualified website security professional when looking to secure your website, however if you’re using the WordPress platform for your website there’s some good news. It takes the form of a plugin called WordFence and it provides a highly secure layer of protection to any blog or website running it.  WordFence comes in two versions, Free and it’s paid for upgrade Pro.

In the free version of WordFence you’re able to block IP addresses, scan for potential security issues on your WordPress installation and lock down your login pages too. The paid version of Wordfence offers the ability to automatically block entire countries from accessing your website which can be useful for preventing automated login attempts from countries such as China and Korea that persistently plague WordPress site owners.

One of the other incredibly useful options in the Pro version of WordFence is the 2 factor authentication. Quite simply this makes your WordPress website unhackable since once set up and switched on, every time you log on to your WordPress site you’ll be sent a verification code to your mobile phone, meaning only the person that has access to that phone can login to your site.

Even if a hacker managed to get your username and password to your website, they would have to have your physical phone to actually complete the login.

If you want to see a realtime map of attacks on WordPress websites, check out the real time attack map at the WordFence website, it’s incredibly insightful, and they only show around 6% of the actual attacks going on at any one time to prevent your browser from being overloaded.

Block IP Attacks With Wordfence

Wordfence assemble the data from these attacks and share it automatically across the plugin’s installed user base which is another nice touch. If a site is being attacked vigourously somewhere across the other side of the world, your site will benefit from the knowledge and data the WordFence system gets from this attack as it will immediately apply blocking to the offending IP addresses to your site too.

We use WordFence on our own website, and it was a real eyeopener to see how many login attempts we were getting from across the world when we first installed the free version. Since upgrading to the Pro version I’ve activated the 2 factor authentication and it’s great to have that peace of mind on the site.

We’re not affiliated in any way with WordFence but we do want you to have a safe and secure website too so we’d definitely recommend trying out the WordFence plugin, even simply the free version, although at $39 a year for the Pro version it’s worth every penny if only for the 2 factor authentication.

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