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How Will You Measure The Real Difference Your Marketing Made This Year?

As marketers we all measure Twitter followers, Facebook fans, website visits, conversions, ROI etc. but as the end of another year falls upon us and we reflect back on what we have achieved here’s a question to think about. How will you measure the real difference your marketing contribution made in a wider sense.

Whether it’s helping a small business owner increase sales through SEO so they can pay the mortgage and feed their kids, or accelerating a charities fundraising efforts through a content marketing campaign to provide water for drought ridden countries. Maybe you helped a toy company sell more gadgets through a Facebook campaign and made some child’s face light up on Christmas morning.

Whilst some might think that sounds twee,  I do think that marketer’s roles are misjudged. As Kieran Flanagan, Marketing Director (EMEA) of Hubspot mentioned in his presentation at the Content Marketing Show this year “marketers are not loved” and are viewed as only slightly more loveable than car sales people and politicians.

Unsurprisingly I don’t subscribe to that view but not because of the marketer in me, simply because I have more faith in human beings. I believe that people are inherently good and that ultimately human beings on the whole are hard wired with the intent to make peoples lives better, and whatever the view of the profession, most marketers have an underlying passion to help improve lives whether they admit it or not. Perhaps if we as marketers measured and published the difference we make to peoples lives as well as the usual slate of metrics, maybe the world view of marketer’s reputations would increase.

The work we do, the campaigns we build, the knowledge we share, the clients we help and the sales we help make,  they all come down to making a difference to peoples lives that makes things better. Ultimately that’s the underlying sentiment that we want to achieve as marketers.

So as we start to wind down for the Christmas holiday’s and enter a new year, we’d love to hear your own comments and stories on how your work as a marketer or business owner made a real difference to peoples lives. Add your contribution to the comments, and lets count the difference making together.

Seasons Greetings & A Happy New Year from everyone at New Rise Digital.

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