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How To Use Twitter As A Social Notepad To Gain New Followers

Growing your audience on Twitter can be something that small business owners and entrepreneurs find time consuming, but have you ever thought of integrating your tweeting strategy into things you’re already doing? I’m a great fan of using online tools to do things simultaneously rather than having to spend extra time duplicating tasks, and with the flurry of Autumn marketing events happening right now I’ve found a great way to integrate my note taking at conferences into my twitter strategy and engage my audience by using Twitter as a social notepad.

Previously at conferences I’d pitch up at the presentations, pencil and notebook in hand and jot down my own interpretations of the presentations, conversations and information collected, then back at the office I’d write these up into a summary for a blog post or start dissecting the ideas that had been born out of the day’s conversations. Now instead I’ll take my trusty mobile tablet and tweet my thoughts and observations out live on my twitter feed, capturing the information and sharing it in real time too, creating my content as I go and picking up a raft of new followers in the process too.

It’s been a really effective strategy and the social aspects of sharing your thoughts in real time to a community outside the conference adds a new dimension to attending conferences. You can still come back to your timeline later to review your notes for breaking out your ideas into satellite content in the same way you would with your notebook, however I’ve found that when you make notes in live sharing mode they’ll inherently also include the perspective of value to others and will inspire better content more readily than notes taken purely intended for yourself.

Let us know in the comments section below what other unusual ways have you integrated twitter into your workday, and how it’s been effective for you.

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