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How To Reach A Bigger Audience With Social Media Distribution

If you are running a WordPress blog for your business and want a fast and easy way to increase the audience that sees your posts here’s a handy plugin from NextScripts that will take care of distributing your blog posts to your social media accounts automatically. The plugin is called Social Network Auto Poster (or SNAP for short) and it’s free to download and use. It includes most of the popular social networks including Twitter and Facebook  (and a few I’ve not used).

You’ll need to do some basic setup before you can start using SNAP to distribute to your social channels, such as creating a Facebook developer account and setting up a Twitter API key but don’t let this put you off from using it as the NextScripts website has a fantastic step by step walk through with screenshots and clear instructions on how to do this.

Once installed and set up, each time you publish a blog post to your WordPress site the SNAP plugin will distribute your post, and you can even customize the way it will look on your chose networks by using it’s variables to add titles, tags, categories and hashtags into the the messaging too. It’s a powerful tool that enables you to use your WordPress blog as a central ‘cockpit’ to drive your content marketing distribution channels.

The free version of the plugin allows you to distribute to a single account on each of the supported social networks, however there is a pro paid version of the plugin which extends the plugin to include Google+ and allows multiple accounts on each social network too.

Download the Social Networks Auto Poster plugin by searching for it on the  WordPress plugin repository or via the NextScripts Website.

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