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How To Create A Twitter Calendar That Helps You Post Highly Engaging Content

Social media is a great way to connect with potential new clients for your business however staying relevant to what ‘s going on in their world is essential so you can create high engagement and build a loyal following.

Twitter has recently made it easier to tap into potential trends that might connect with your audience with the release of it’s new Twitter editorial calendar called “Own The Moment”. You can find it at

So how can you create a Twitter calendar that makes your tweets more relevant? Let’s take a couple of examples.

If you’re a supplier to the catering trade, you’ll probably be wanting to participating in #Restaurantweek that runs from the 2nd to 9th June. You’ll want to be planning some relevant content that’s incredibly useful to restaurant owners and decision makers in the catering industry or perhaps consider creating special offers specifically for that week. Make sure you’re using the Restaurant Week hashtag with every tweet and you’ll be garaunteed to see an uptick of traffic to your website, phone enquiries and sales.

If you’re a hotelier or bar, are you creating any events around World Gin Day? If you are you might want to promote some offers around the 14th June, and on the same day there’s the World Cup England v Italy game going on too. There’s a massive amount of potential content you could share leading up to, during and after the day with a little forward planning of resources.

And who could possibly forget Father’s day on the 15th June, the retail opportunities for selling gifts around this celebration are enormous if you’re retailing anything on or offline that’s remotely  gentlemanly.

Twitter Calendar Tool

You’re able to add relevant dates into your Outlook or Google calendars direclty from each of the calendar entries, which helps remind you automatically to prepare for upcoming events.

Pick and choose the most relevant dates for your business, save the date in your chosen client and you’re set. In the Twitter Calendar Tool you can see events up to two months ahead which should be more than enough time for most businesses to prepare their content.

Whilst the Twitter Calendar Tool was primarily produced to help Twitter sell their advertising product, it’s an incredibly helpful tool to remind you of upcoming high profile events and themes that almost certainly be trending on Twitter during the relevant dates.

Make sure you’re planning ahead with your social media output by creating your own Twitter calendar rather than reacting on the day, and you’ll benefit enormously whilst using this valuable resource.

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