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How Qualifying Website Visitors Can Generate Better Leads

Are you having trouble turning your website visitors into customers? With so much choice on the web, how can you ensure you get the sale over your competitor?

In this post we’ll explore how you can qualify your website visitors and generate better business leads from your website and increase your conversions.

Landing Pages

The first way to make sure that you’re staying relevant to your website visitor is ensuring that they find you via a dedicated and customised landing page. Many small businesses think that people will navigate their website from the home page, however a home page may have too many topics and links that could confuse the average browser.

Whilst every business should have a digital storefront, the beauty of the web is that you can create custom storefronts for specific needs through landing pages that focus on just one particular part of your business.

If you’re an online shop that sells designer handbags perhaps you could create multiple landing pages that focus on a specific brand, a specific colour, or a specific material.

If you’re a consultant think about providing an eBook, video or webinar on the topics around your business in exchange for an email to communicate your expertise, value and knowledge about your subject and build trust with the visitor.

If you can create different opt in offers for each landing page you’ll find the engagement rate will increase and you’ll build your list of leads in no time. Multiple bespoke landing pages are not only a key element in getting found on the search engines but make your business speak to the viewer personally and help the visitor understand whether they and your business connect.

Opt In Forms

With so much available choice online it’s easy for your website visitor to jump from one site to the next and compare hundreds of different options when they’re considering a purchase. Most website visitors don’t purchase a product right away, they’ll do their research think about a few options then come back to the websites they visited later to actually make the purchase.

Think about this; can you remember the 1st, 2nd or 3rd website you visited yesterday when you were searching for something online? Most people search hundreds of websites before considering a purchase, and remember only the  final two or three sites they visited, forgetting about the earlier ones they explored. Even if they bookmarked the sites they visited, very few people are organised enough to remember where they saved the information.

That’s why it’s really important for your website to have good opt in forms on your landing pages to collect the visitors email address so you can follow up on their interest. Give the visitor something of value in exchange for their email address such as a guide to choosing the types of product they are looking for, or if you’re running a promotion perhaps you can offer a digital discount voucher.

Getting the website visitor’s email address not only qualifies them as the sort of person that is definitely interested in your product, they’re also giving you permission to contact them again to remind them that you’re the business they will want to deal with.  Carefully following up with a series of relevant, engaging and helpful content on a regular basis can nurture the new lead and turn it into a sale.

When they’ve exhausted their web search and spent hours online deliberating which site to purchase from the email that drops in their inbox from you with the right price at the right time with the right message could mean the difference between your business making the sale or being forgotten.

Lifetime Value

When using landing pages and opt in forms to engage your website visitor remember that leads and customers that are generated through this channel are some of your most valuable customers so think past the first sale and consider the lifetime value of your leads.

Have a good content strategy to regularly follow up with relevant new information on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to keep your customer interested. Your goal should be to help them cut through the clutter and noise of the web and predict their purchasing needs before they start searching the web again.

Build up the persona of your landing page visitors by connecting to their  social media profiles and tapping into the wealth of data people share about their buying  habits. Get this right and you’ll find that you’ll increase your sales of related items too and become a long term trusted go to supplier for your customers.

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