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How Long Does It Take To Succeed With Content Marketing?

One of the main reasons that businesses fail at content marketing is that they give up on it as a marketing tool too soon. Content marketing is a long term commitment as it involves the creation of ideas, the study of your customers to find out what will be relevant to them, and a regular consistent output of high quality content.

In an interview in our new book “Essential Digital Marketing For Small Business” Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute says that time tables for success can take much longer than most businesses expect.

Joe Pulizzi

"The content isn’t about us; it’s focused on the customer. Our audience doesn’t care about us, our products or our services. They care about themselves. Most businesses lack consistency. Content marketing is not a campaign, its forever. Timetables for success take much longer than 6 months (for the most part)."

Joe Pulizzi
Founder, Content Marketing Institute

The benefits of investing the time and effort in content marketing are huge however. You’ll not only be generating more high quality pages on your website for the search engines to display on the search results, you’ll also build up a trust relationship with your website visitors who will see you as a business that’s prepared to invest time and effort in educating and informing your customer prior, during and after they’ve made a purchase from you.

Creating a blog, a video channel, an eBook or any other content on your website will show that you understand the sales process is a nurturing relationship that’s built over time.

Here’s 5 tips for going the distance with content marketing

  • If you’re a small business and creating the content yourself,  book out a set time each week on your calendar to focus on just creating content.
  • Set up tools that will help you capture ideas for content throughout the week, so when you come to create your content you’ve got a great pool of resources to draw on.
  • Listen to some of the questions your customers are asking you about. You can create some great blog posts that could also serve as your business FAQ’s to help inform clients.
  • Think about other areas of your customer’s lives that intersect with your products and services. Go the extra mile and help them with more than just your own business.
  • Start small and be consistent. One blog post a week turns into 52 peices of content a year. If you do struggle with time hire an intern or an external agency to help.

Don’t expect instant results with content marketing or you’ll be dissapointed, however if you understand the long term value of the medium and are prepared to stick with it, the results can be enormous.

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Read the full interview with Joe Pulizzi on creating compelling content marketing in our new book “Essential Digital Marketing For Small Business” available now in paperback, eBook download and Kindle formats. Get your copy here


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