Increase Online Sales

How Qualifying Website Visitors Can Generate Better Leads

Are you having trouble turning your website visitors into customers? With so much choice on the web, how can you ensure you get the sale over your competitor? In this post we’ll explore how you can qualify your website visitors and generate better business leads from your website and increase your conversions. Landing Pages The…

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web marketing tools

5 Tools Everyone In The Digital Marketing Industry Should Be Using

Creating and managing a digital marketing campaign can take up a significant amount of time whether it’s designing a new info-graphic, adding your blog posts to your social media channels or simply trying to create a great headline for your next landing page. Here are 5 great tools everyone in the digital marketing industry should…

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Digital Marketing Changes In Strategy

The 3 Biggest Changes That Will Influence Digital Marketing In 2014

In 2013 we saw a number of marketing milestones that defined a shift of strategy for digital marketing professionals and business owners. The way we market and promote our products and services is changing and 2014 is going to be a year of managing and learning a new set of skills to effectively communicate a…

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marketing making a difference

How Will You Measure The Real Difference Your Marketing Made This Year?

As marketers we all measure Twitter followers, Facebook fans, website visits, conversions, ROI etc. but as the end of another year falls upon us and we reflect back on what we have achieved here’s a question to think about. How will you measure the real difference your marketing contribution made in a wider sense. Whether…

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analytics conference measurefest 2013

Key Insights From Analytics Conference MeasureFest 2013

Are you keeping track of your online business successes, or are you oblivious to the areas of your digital marketing that are not working well? How can you tell what’s working and what isn’t? Good analytics will help you understand how your online marketing is performing. Thursday 17th October 2013 we were  live in London…

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Small Business Stay Unique

Stay Unique – Why Being You Is Crucial To Your Business Success

Running your own business means giving yourself permission to fully be who you really are and overcoming the fear of standing out in the crowd. In fact the first question I would like you to ask yourself is who are you? Not what brand you wear, or which sports team you support or club you…

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