content marketing inspiring example

Inspiring Your Audience With Content Marketing – Land Rover’s Can and Will Campaign

One of the most inspiring content marketing campaigns I’ve seen so far this summer is the Can and Will campaign from Land Rover. It’s a series of videos released on a regular basis about people who’ve shown courage, grit and determination to achieve something amazing, qualities that Land Rover have identified in the persona’s of…

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Success WIth Content Marketing

How Long Does It Take To Succeed With Content Marketing?

One of the main reasons that businesses fail at content marketing is that they give up on it as a marketing tool too soon. Content marketing is a long term commitment as it involves the creation of ideas, the study of your customers to find out what will be relevant to them, and a regular…

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Does your content marketing sell?

Content Might Be The New Keyword, But Does Your Content Sell? BrightonSEO Roundup Pt2

With the focus of search engine optimisation having shifted away from keywords, content marketing has taken centre stage in the SEO space as a key driver of traffic to your website. So does your content sell? Thinking about content marketing only in the context of gaining valuable inbound links means you’re actually half the value…

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Get More Website Traffic

3 Alternative Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Are you looking for ways to increase the number of visitors to your website? Unhappy with your new and returning visitor stats every time you open up your analytics program? Your website is only going to generate new business for you if people know where to find it. This means driving traffic and the usual…

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Good Content Marketing Increases Visibility

[Case Study] How Good Content Marketing Can Create High Visibility

Good content marketing is all about relevance, shareability and value to the end user and today I’m sharing a piece of content that fulfilled all three of these criteria in abundance and qualifies as a great example of how to make your content go viral and hit the headlines. When Transport for London (TFL) announced…

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content marketing for small business

Why Content Marketing Offers A Big Opportunity For Small Businesses

When it comes to digital marketing small businesses can benefit the most from Content Marketing as a small business usually has an intriguing story to tell from the outset . Whether it’s the person that discovered their passion and turned it into a new business with a niche of fanatical customers, or the long standing…

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business blogging content marketing

Why Business Blogging Is The Biggest Opportunity Of The Decade

At this year’s Content Marketing Show Tom Elgar from Passle gave us some astounding statistics; 80% of businesses don’t have a blog and of the 20% that do just over a third don’t keep their blogs updated. So roughly only 12 out of 100 businesses have a blog that they actively use. Blogs are a…

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Repurpose Your Content

The Top 5 Ways To Repurpose Your Content

Thinking of starting to repurpose your content but don’t know where to start? Creating content for your inbound marketing campaigns can take be a labour intensive process so it makes sense to maximize it’s reach and shelf life beyond a single channel. Instead of creating independent content for each of your distribution media (video, blogs,…

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Trello App

Organizing Your Content Marketing Campaign With Trello Task Manager

One of the biggest reasons that a content marketing campaign may fail is because it’s badly planned out. It can be overwhelming when you have videos to make, blog posts to post, eBooks to create, landing pages to build, Social media schedules to keep up with. Each of these projects have to be broken down…

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How A Great Content Strategy Can Help Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

One of the key metrics you should be measuring and monitoring in Google Analytics is your website’s bounce rate. If you haven’t checked your website pages bounce rate recently you can do this by logging into your Google Analytics account, and navigating to the Behavious>Site Content section of your GA account. A high bounce rate…

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