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Connect With Your Customers To Make More Sales: Top Tips From The Experts At The Content Marketing Show 2013

Friday 8th November saw a packed exclusive London gathering of marketing professionals at the Content Marketing Show 2013. Run by @kelvinnewman who also runs SEOBrighton and MeasureFest the conference brought together some of the best thought leaders currently working in the content marketing business to share their insights and strategies that could help you bring in more business in the coming year.

Audience At Content Marketing Show 2013

A Full House The Content Marketing Show 2013

Although content marketing is a relatively new concept in the small business marketing mix, with Google shifting it’s focus away from keywords and onto relevance, there have never been as many online opportunities to engage and connect with your customers as there are right now.

Content marketing can help you deliver two of the most valuable assets your business needs online – trust and value so here’s our round up of the key strategies discussed at the Content Marketing Show 2013 that can help you boost your business online.

Analyse What Sticks In Your Content Marketing Campaign

Hannah Smith – Distilled Digital

  • Create content to entertain and educate, this feeds the attention funnel your business requires to make an impact online
  • Make your Facebook content relevant to your audience of “Likers” otherwise Facebook will automatically hide your content from your friends news feeds
  • Content should always be driven by your overall business goals, but make sure that it’s something people will love to share
  • Your brand is not what you sell, your brand is how you sell it. Content marketing is about providing value beyond your products
  • Find content that is synergistic to your business and it’s products
  • Analyse your content marketing and find out what works. What works for you might not work for others so measure against your own success.
  • The key to successful content marketing campaigns is to launch your content, get in the corridor and find what works. Then analyse, adjust and try again.
  • Make sure your content is responsive so that it will work on desktop and mobile platforms.

Twitter Tips From Optajoe

Simon Banoub – Opta

  • Be consistent with the tone and approach of your tweets to develop the trust of your followers
  • keep your tweets relevant to your audience, and if necessary segment your audience on twitter with multiple niche accounts
  • Be human and approachable on twitter, get everyone in your business to join in the conversation
  • Tweet regularly, don’t let your followers on twitter become strangers
  • Timing of tweets is important for engagement, find out when your audience is most active and tweet at those times
  • Use relevant leaders in your niche to amplify your messages with retweets
  • Monitor the success of your tweets, analyse what works and evolve your twitter strategy
  • Be patient when growing your twitter following, you are aiming for quality over quantity when it comes to followers
  • Be interesting, helpful or offer an insiders perspective to succeed on twitter
  • only retweet relevant messages from appropriate people, and only use relevant hash tags. Don’t spam with too many hashtags in your messages

Success, Failure and Making Content Work In The Long Term

Tom Elgar – Passle

  • Blogs are a great channel for content marketing, however 80% of businesses don’t have a blog, and 35% of those who do don’t keep theirs updated
  • 70% of businesses understand the value of a blog however most have a lack of time and skills to blog effectively
  • If content is central to your business then community really works, if not you can still use content to show competence in your field and help the sales process

Content Marketing Trend Watch: 2014 and Beyond

Fergus Parker – Axonn Media

  • The phrase “Content Is King” is much misused. Content is the kingdom not the king
  • Connection to your audience is the new king of the content kingdom
  • Ensure your content is in context to your audiences environment. Where are they consuming your content? On the go, at home in front of a smart TV?
  • Personalisation of content will influence content marketing to increase engagement. Make use of categories and tags to serve up unique bundles of content.
  • Visual content will play a bigger role in content marketing next year
  • Mobile will lead the way for content consumption with the growth of phone and tablet devices in 2014

    On Stage At The Content Marketing Show 2013

    Sarah Howard, Red Rocket Media: “Use Data To Tailor Your Content Marketing Strategy”

Inbound Marketing – The Art of Not Sucking

Kieran Flanagan- Hubspot

  • Understand your audience, don’t contribute to the sea of bad marketing strategies that already exist.
  • Think about the personas of your customers when creating content for them, who are they, what are they about, what do they stand for
  • Create content that creates value for each of your audience personas
  • Think about the value of the format of your content to the end user.
  • Over deliver value in your content marketing, always go the extra mile to give something extra
  • The engagement of your distribution channels are key measurements of your audience for content marketing
  • Create a social share call to action in your email marketing for enhanced lead generation
  • Paid content discovery is going to be big but curating it for quality is going to be key to it’s success

Amplifying Your Content

Kester Ford – Cision

  • Information on the web is saturated, but social media can help amplify your content. Think of social media as the gasoline for the content fire
  • Build relationships with influencers in your market to amplify your content further than you can on your own
  • Native advertising (inline paid for content) will cure the banner blindness that’s currently hitting online media

Some other great selected tips from the other presentations at the conference

Lauren Pope – Brilliant Noise

  •  Content strategy is about the planning and how you deliver your content. Base your content marketing plan on purpose (what it is going to achieve for your business) and performance (how well is it performing).

Jon Norris –

  • Think about your content distribution channels – make sure they are able to talk and connect with your content generation tools easily to ensure a fast workflow

Sarah Howard – Red Rocket Media

  • Create short form content around your long form content, make your existing content go further by repurposing

We’d love to hear your comments on how you’re using Content Marketing in your business,  join the discussion in the comments below. The content marketing show will be back in Spring 2o14, it’s definitely one for your diary. See you there!

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