Content Marketing Tips For Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs

Connect With Your Customers To Make More Sales: Top Tips From The Experts At The Content Marketing Show 2013

Friday 8th November saw a packed exclusive London gathering of marketing professionals at the Content Marketing Show 2013. Run by @kelvinnewman who also runs SEOBrighton and MeasureFest the conference brought together some of the best thought leaders currently working in the content marketing business to share their insights and strategies that could help you bring…

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Nexus 5 OK Google Kit Kat 4.4 Android

The Rise Of Mobile Voice Search Gets A Boost With Android 4.4 KitKat

With the recent launch of the Nexus 5 mobile handset the fast pace of voice search that’s been led by Siri on IOS and Google on it’s android platform has taken a further step forward. The Nexus 5 runs the latest Android OS 4.4 named Kit Kat and along with this new OS comes an…

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analytics conference measurefest 2013

Key Insights From Analytics Conference MeasureFest 2013

Are you keeping track of your online business successes, or are you oblivious to the areas of your digital marketing that are not working well? How can you tell what’s working and what isn’t? Good analytics will help you understand how your online marketing is performing. Thursday 17th October 2013 we were  live in London…

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Ideas For Business Blogging

3 Ways To Get Inspiration For Great Blog Posts

If you are running a blog or thinking of starting one, the biggest challenge that most people will hit is writing fresh content on a regular basis. Ideally you should be blogging at least 2-3 times a week and sharing your posts across your social media to create the maximum engagement, however without a regular…

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Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Adwords, Online Marketing Brighton SEO Conference

The Best Online Marketing Insights From The 2013 BrightonSEO Conference

It was a full house at the Brighton Dome on the 13th September as online marketing professionals from all over the world packed in to this year’s BrightonSEO conference for a day of talks by the leading digital marketing thought leaders. With three theaters running simultaneous topics ranging from Creative, to Mobile Marketing to Analytics…

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Google SEO Search Engine Optimization

Google Proof Your Online Business – Don’t Put All Your Internet Marketing Eggs In The Same Basket

If you have read any of this years blog posts or online news sites that cover the online business and internet marketing arena, you’ll probably have heard a lot of talk about recent Google updates such as Penguin and Panda supposedly wiping out the ranking of websites that have their pages optimized to display highly…

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Facebook Marketing For Small Business

3 Ways To Drive More Website Traffic From Facebook

If you have a great Facebook following but are struggling to get your friends and connections to visit your own website site regularly, here are 3 great tips to get your Facebook contacts taking action. 1. Use visuals to grab their attention Facebook users like to share videos and images far more that text only…

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Small Business Stay Unique

Stay Unique – Why Being You Is Crucial To Your Business Success

Running your own business means giving yourself permission to fully be who you really are and overcoming the fear of standing out in the crowd. In fact the first question I would like you to ask yourself is who are you? Not what brand you wear, or which sports team you support or club you…

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Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising Network

What Would A Facebook External Ad Network Mean For Marketers Using Adsense?

One of the quickest ways to start monetizing a website is to publish Google Adsense advertising on it’s pages and generate revenue from the visitor click throughs. Since Google started it’s Adsense program over in 2003 it’s been an unrivaled source of income for website owners. All that could be about to change, with the…

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Wordpress Business Blog Marketing

Why WordPress Is Your Perfect Small Business Website And eCommerce Platform

The popular website platform WordPress has been around for nearly 10  years now, and in the decade since it was first released way back in 2003, it has come a very long way. Although it was, and still is used as a very successful blogging platform, you might be surprised to know that in fact…

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