Social Media Influencers

Are You Connecting With The Right Social Media Influencers?

When you’re trying to build connections on social media, one of the most powerful ways of using the virality of a social medium is to leverage the networks of influencers. Reaching out and nurturing relationships with bloggers and individuals that already have a highly targeted and content hungry following can get your message communicated quicker…

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content marketing inspiring example

Inspiring Your Audience With Content Marketing – Land Rover’s Can and Will Campaign

One of the most inspiring content marketing campaigns I’ve seen so far this summer is the Can and Will campaign from Land Rover. It’s a series of videos released on a regular basis about people who’ve shown courage, grit and determination to achieve something amazing, qualities that Land Rover have identified in the persona’s of…

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best security plugin for WordPress

Is Your WordPress Website Secured Against Login Attacks?

You might have heard about the recent high profile successful cyberattacks against eBay and Adobe, however don’t just think that hackers are only after the big guns. If you’re running any size of website, from the smallest blog running on WordPress to a full blown eCommerce website taking thousands of transactions every day, you’re at…

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Facebook Marketing For Business Success

Facebook Marketing Success – Insight From Heather Robinson @Skittish

There’s no doubting the facts that Facebook is the largest social network on the planet, however many businesses still don’t understand fully how to get the best out of the platform when using it as a marketing tool for their products and services. In the first of a series of mastermind interviews taken from our…

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better email marketing conversion

[Case Study] 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Hot off the heels of the recent CompletleyEmail conference in London, I’ve taken to analysing some of the emails I get in my inbox a little closer to see if I can identify some of the key improvements that were suggested by some of the speakers on stage last week. I was astounded at the…

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Completely Email Marketing Digital Marketing Conference

Which Brands Wished Me A Happy Birthday Today? CompletelyEmail Conference Roundup

Yesterday (5th June) I spent the day at the incredibly informative email marketing conference Completely Email organized by the amazing team at @RoughAgenda. The speakers at the conference were some of the smartest minds in email marketing and they generously shared their most valuable insights, tips and strategies to an enthralled audience at the Institute…

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Social Media Marketing With Twitter

How To Create A Twitter Calendar That Helps You Post Highly Engaging Content

Social media is a great way to connect with potential new clients for your business however staying relevant to what ‘s going on in their world is essential so you can create high engagement and build a loyal following. Twitter has recently made it easier to tap into potential trends that might connect with your…

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How To Increase Your Twitter Following

Why Quality Over Quantity Is Important When Building A Twitter Following

When businesses first start using Twitter there’s a temptation to focus on the size of your twitter following rather than it’s relevancy. There is much more to Twitter than the erroneous assumption that it’s another broadcast medium to “blast” your products or services out onto. Being social online is much the same as being social…

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Success WIth Content Marketing

How Long Does It Take To Succeed With Content Marketing?

One of the main reasons that businesses fail at content marketing is that they give up on it as a marketing tool too soon. Content marketing is a long term commitment as it involves the creation of ideas, the study of your customers to find out what will be relevant to them, and a regular…

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10 recommended books for marketers, freelancers and business owners

5 Recommended Reads That Will Make You A Better Marketer, Freelancer Or Small Business Owner

Whatever line of business you’re in, whether you’re working for an employer, freelancing or a business owner, just like an athlete if you want to gain and maintain any level of success in your field you should be constantly working on improving yourself, your business and your mindset. Books are my preferred method of learning,…

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