Are Your Links Getting The Love They Deserve? BrightonSEO Roundup Pt1

Amplication is one of the  best ways to make a marketing impact online, and you need a good plan to have your content, links and products gain traction. Here’s a roundup of some of the best presentations from the BrightonSEO Spring 2014  that will help you improve the way you research, connect and feed the influencer funnel for your digital marketing campaigns.

Matthew Barby, Harnessing The Power Of Influencers

One of the most efficient ways of syndicating content on the web is by building a carefully selected group of online influencers as your online broadcast channels.

Influencers can be found in any market, however small, and however apparently challenging, mundane or niche your product might be, somewhere out there you’ll find thought leaders, industry experts and people with a passion for it.

Matthew Barby, digital strategist at Wyatt International presented his processes and ideas on understanding who your best influencers might be, and how to get them  champion your content across the top online networks.

Carolyn Jones – Link Prospecting: Step Away From The Search Engine

A key element of any digital marketing campaign is building out your “little black book” of influencers that can get your message out via their blogs and social media channels, however if you’re short on contacts how can you find out who is going to be the influencer that can help you the most?

Having an insight into the reach a particular Twitter account might have, knowing where similar well followed blogs to the ones you’re already aware of are, and pulling together this information with detailed stats and contact information so you can build an outreach plan is a valuable but incredibly tedious exercise.

Most people will spend hours, days and weeks manually trawling through social media, websites and aggregation sites to evaluate potential powerful influencers, and copying fragments of information into a spreadsheet.

If you’d rather spend your time more wisely on all the other stuff you need to get done, and prevent the onset of RSI with all that copying and pasting, Carolyn Jones, MD of link consultancy Webdurance Ltd put on her sorcerers hat and showed an enthralled audience at the BrightonSEO conference how tools like Ouwit Hub and the Chrome Scraper extension can be set up to automate your outreach contact research.

You’ll find Carolyn’s slides from the conference below, and head over to the Webdurance website for some excellent in depth tutorials on how to set up and use Outwit Hub. Pure digital alchemy…

Stacey Cavanagh – Habits That Land You Links

Stacey Cavanagh is the head of search at digital marketing agency Tecmark, and Stacey’s BrightonSEO session this year focussed on building good habits around your link building strategies.

In the past many marketing professionals and businesses thought that simply re-writing articles in multiple revisions as a shortcut to making the content unique (known as “spinning” articles) and publishing these all over the web was a cost efficient and fast way to generate lots of web content, however Google has been penalizing content publishers that do this over the last few years.

Marketers that want to get good quality results in the search engines now need completely unique independent content. With this new content discipline comes a need for new habits to be formed if you’re going to succeed in building out search friendly links, as constantly generating lots of content takes a lot of energy, thought, time and effort.

Check out Stacey’s BrightonSEO presentation below for some great techniques and insight on building out quality links, including how to speed up the content idea generation process, strategies to get yourself found on image search, and how to keep your content real.

Stay tuned for more nuggets of gold from the BrightonSEO Spring 2o14 conference in our next post.

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