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Managing your social media presence can be a challenge. Keeping up to speed with your online relationships and building a following that’s relevant and supportive can be a massive task.

It’s really important when using social media that you monitor and manage your community. Keeping your followers engaged, feeding your influencers and thank your supporters is a task that can help build a strong strong group, especially on fast media platforms like Twitter.

If you don’t have feedback and insights on how others are interacting with you, it’s likely you’re missing out on some great marketing opportunities, and possibly losing more followers than you might imagine. Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying out social media management tool, an online service that helps you gain some valuable insights into your Twitter universe. is available in a free version that comes with a few limitations on reports, groups and analytics,  with paid plans offering more users and more extensive reporting features. When you log in for the first time after signing up, you’ll be asked to connect your Twitter profile to the system so it can start analyzing your account.

In its Community section will help you understand your followers, who you should be following and unfollowing and also who you should be nurturing. I particularly love this section as it gives some good insight on where I should be spending my time on Twitter. Re-engaging with your supporters is critical and finding out who your High Value members are is essential in building up your reputation on Twitter.

Social Media Management

The Actions section of the website is a very useful too, and includes the ability to share some top tweets from your followers giving you new content to engage and attract new followers to your Twitter profile.

The system will also offer suggestions for new closely related or well matched Twitter accounts to follow that will grow your audience and become potential influencers for your content. There’s also options to quickly thank, share and unfollow those accounts that are supporting, engaged, or just cluttering up your Twitter timeline.


I really like tools like this. They save me time and help me understand how my following is reacting to tweets and it really helped show up the areas that needed more attention.  Along with Klout and BufferApp this makes an excellent addition to any digital marketers toolbox. Check it out for your self at

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