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Amplifying Your Content On Twitter By Connecting With Influencers

Twitter is a great way to build an audience for your business or your blog, however getting traction and traffic relies on more than just sending out regular tweets and hoping that you’ll be found, retweeted and followed. There are a number of strategies you can use to make sure that the engaging content you’re sharing on Twitter makes the most impact and gets shared widely.

One key way to spread your content is to make sure you’re connected to influencers on Twitter. Influencers are defined as taste makers, leaders in their fields and usually have a high genuine follower count (not a purchased or inflated follower count). If an influencer uses a hashtag for a topic on a regular basis and your content or tweets are relevent to the conversation, make sure you’re using the same hashtag as it increases the chances that you’ll be retweeted to their followers even if you’re not being followed by the influencer directly.

Another method of connecting with influencers on Twitter is if you are mentioning something about the influencer or featuring them in your content then make sure you add an @theiraccount to the tweet. Good examples of this are when you are sharing a post that features a company’s software make sure you @thecompany when sharing the post on Twitter.

Twitter has a limited character count to get your message across so it’s important to integrate hash tags and @’s into the main body of your tweet as much as possible to avoid duplication, although ensure your hashtags are relevant and don’t overdo it with hashtag spam. A well formed tweet might look something like this:

“Just found another great @Adobe #Photoshop border plugin to help create images for my #blog – download it here”

With any social media marketing it’s also essential to measure what topics are working and what’s not being picked up on Twitter. If you’re posting links then you can use the popular free URL shortening website to not only keep your link’s character count short, but also track the engagement and click throughs from each link you create. This is a great way to track whether what you are sharing is converting.

Ultimately if you want to grab the attention of influencers on Twitter, make sure your messages are interesting, helpful or offer an insiders perspective, and as Simon Banoub from Opta recently said at The Content Marketing Show, “Be patient when growing your twitter following, you are aming for quality over quantity when it comes to followers”.

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