Free sock images for business use

5 Of The Best Free Image Library Resources For Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

When it comes to creating short form content such as blog posts or long form content such as eBooks using good quality visual elements such as phots and illustrations helps draw in the attention of your audience.

However it can sometimes be a challenge for a business to draw upon a good library of images to decorate their content, and for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs bootstrapping a venture costs can mount up if you’re using paid stock image libraries such as iStockPhoto or Shutterstock.

There are more and more creative commons and free stock libriaries becoming available online  that allow you to use their images with (and without) attribution to the rights owner for your content marketing campaigns. You do have to make sure when using the free image libraries that you read their usage licenses carefully however here is a round up some of the best free image libraries you can use for your next content marketing campaign.

Free Stock Photography For Business Content Marketing

Despite it’s rather morose name MorgueFile is a deceptively good stock photo site. Most if not all of it’s extensive free photo section does not require attribution, and the images available are mostly at magazine resolution so could be used for both online and offline print campaigns. The quality and range of images is also very good and it’s a worthy bookmark of any content marketer.

Free stock images for business use

On Pixabay you’ll not only find some stunning photos but some great illustrations too which is unusual for a free stock photography site. The images don’t require attribution and are available in a range of download sizes, with good high resolution pixel counts.

Free Stock Photos For Business

Stock Xxchange is an extensive free stock library that has a lot of very good large sized high resolution images. You’ll be able to find multiple pages on most subjects on this library It’s easy to use, simple to sign up and search. Whilst it’s inventory isn’t as extensive as some of the other stock photo sites listed here it’s still another great bookmark for your browser.

Free Stock Photo Library For Marketing Business

Compfight has some stunning images and has a very wide range of subjects covered. The quality of the images shine through on Compfight and you can set a search filter for creative commons or commercial use images only. A useful feature of Compfight is that you can download the images without registering, and the site offers a number of download sizes saving you time resizing them for your project. Big file sizes are available and it’s easy to add attribution as a cut and paste code is made available right next to the image download section.

free stock images for business use

Flickr is a photo community of professional and amateur photographers that share their work online. Flickr also has an advanced search that allows you to search it’s vast archive of photos, illustrations, videos and animations for creative commons and commercial reuse media. Since it is has a very active user base that is submitting original content you can find a lot of diversity on this site, however not all of the images have high resolution images so you might have to search harder on Flickr Advanced Search if you’re after a high pixel count. That said I find it an interesting diversion from the usual stock sites and it’s another must bookmark site especially if you do a lot of blogging in your business.

Have you found any other great free stock photo sites that offer a creative commons or business use library? Share them with our readers in the comments section below.

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