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5 Of The Best Content Marketing Campaigns Of 2014.

When it comes to creating content for your audience creating an emotional connection with the viewer or reader is most important aspect of your campaign. It doesn’t matter about the quality of your video, the budget you have to spend on your content, or the medium you use. If you can make your audience laugh, cry, think or be otherwise moved by the story that’s the magic that will get your content going viral and shared across social and beyond.

To inspire you to aim your next piece of content firmly at the heart of your customers, here are 5 of the best content marketing campaigns that moved us in 2014.

1) Sainsburys 2014 Christmas Advertisement

The Sainsburys Christmas advertisement moved everyone that saw it to tears. The emotional impact of the story of the World War One Christmas truce got everyone buying the chocolate bar featured in the advertisement. Each chocolate bar sold raised money for the Royal British Legion to help the soldiers that risk their life to continue to keep our nation safe. This ad campaign showed the spirit of human will to overcome any adversity and raised funds for a worthy cause too. Powerful and very moving.

2) Land Rover Can And Will Campaign

Earlier this summer Land Rover launched a campaign to support their sponsorship of the Invictus games, and it was one of the most inspiring content campaigns of the year. The brand used their “Go Anywhere” ethos to inspire people of all ages to challenge themselves and go for their ambitions in life. The stories behind the incredible individuals that were highlighted in the series of films can be found on the campaign website at Inspiring and humbling.

3) Biotherm Homme Outrun Campaign

Extreme athlete and diabetic Sebastien Sasseville tested the limits of human strength and will when he ran the equivalent of 180 marathons across Canada in the autumn. He inspired millions of Canadians to adopt a healthy lifestyle and this 20 episode series was brought to you by luxury skin care brand Biotherm Homme. Empowering and motivational.

4) Greenpeace Everything Is Awesome Campaign

In July Greenpeace launched a global campaign calling on Lego to end its co-promotion with shell because they believed that Shell was leading the race to exploit the arctic’s oil reserves under the rapidly melting sea ice. This one made it’s audience sit up and think, and ultimately put Lego under overwhelming pressure to end it’s 50 year relationship with Shell. Which it did. Online activism at its purest. Painful but necessary emotions.

5) LG’s World Cup Vacuum Cleaner Vine Video

To end this round-up on a lighter note, you can’t get much more emotive than football’s holy grail, the World Cup. Germany’s victory over host country Brazil earlier this year led LG to produce this very simple but highly effective (and emotive) Vine video that got not far short of 5000 plays. Proof if it was needed that anyone with the right story can pick up their camera phone and make an idea happen quickly. Simple, funny and disruptive.

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