Facebook Marketing For Small Business

3 Ways To Drive More Website Traffic From Facebook

If you have a great Facebook following but are struggling to get your friends and connections to visit your own website site regularly, here are 3 great tips to get your Facebook contacts taking action.

1. Use visuals to grab their attention

Facebook users like to share videos and images far more that text only posts. Facebook is a fast medium and with so much new content delivered to users daily if you’re only posting text based content readers will zone out. People also respond in a more emotional way to videos and images too.

2. Offer something of unique value

Giving Facebook users an exclusive incentive not available anywhere else evokes the scarcity emotion and makes your friends feel special. How about sharing a discount or special deal only for your Facebook friends, or creating a Facebook only set of content that shares tips and tricks that not the reader will love to share with their friends. Always create your shareable content with your Facebook friends (and their friends) in mind.

3. Ask them to do something!

Create a clear call to action with every Facebook post, whether it’s asking for feedback, comments or input or maybe answering a specific question, give the reader a clear idea on what you want them to do. Many Facebook users come to the site in a passive mode and will follow instructions subconsciously when asked, so make sure your Facebook posts are asking the reader to do something! Don’t forget to thank your Facebook readers when they do share or comment and get active in the conversation too with interactive replies.

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