Content Marketing Show 2014

3 Incredible Takeaways From The Content Marketing Show 2014

On the hottest day of the year when most people will be taking sickies and heading for the park, it’s a true testament to the quality of a conference when you attract over 1000 people into a central London venue for 8 hours solid.

The Content Marketing Show run by Kelvin Newman and his team at Rough Agenda simply continues year by year to become the number one go to conference for content marketing professionals, and those interested in learning more about the discipline.

At this year’s Content Marketing show, held on July 17th in the Institute of Education near Russell Square,  Kelvin put together one of the most inspiring, genuine  and engaging set of speakers we’ve ever seen. Here is our review of the 3 most inspiring presentations at the Content Marketing Show 2014 (speaker decks will be added as soon as they’re available, check back soon!).

Stephen Waddington – Can a brand ever truly be social?

The opening presentation of the day couldn’t have been delivered with more impact. Stephen Waddington (), Digital and Social Media director of Ketchum PR started the day with the message that brands should stop pushing faceless and soulless content out to their social channels and expect engagement in return.

There’s a real person with feelings and needs on the other end of your tweet, post or page and it’s the brand’s mission to connect with those feelings and needs on a human and personal level with their content. The impact of the presentation Stephen gave wasn’t just in his words, but in the couragous way he stood in front of the conference audience and gave his case study of this.

Stephen presented the example of his wife’s brave journey to overcome her battle with breast cancer and how it brought together his own personal community together online. When he used his social media channels to share his emotions, ask for help or simply support his mission to raise awareness of breast and testicular cancer he found his tribe stepped up to the plate and shared, liked and tweeted his message far and wide.

An intensely personal story that uncovered the true answer to success with content and social media. Connect with the deep underlying emotions, needs and wants of your customers. Treat them as a true friend, not just another follower, like or connection in your G+ circle. Be intensely human

There’s no content marketing metric for measuring how deep you emotionally touch people, but if there was (and maybe we can call it a “Wadd”) , given the size of the audience at the conference, Stephen’s presentation would have measured 1000+.

Here is Stephen’s presentation in full, and do take time to visit his incredibly informative blog too at

 Nichola Stott – Getting Past The Buying Objection With Problem Solving Content

 is the founder of theMediaFlow, an award winning organic marketing agency and her presentation today focused on content as part of the conversion funnel. Content can act as a consultative selling tool, informing, educating and increasing trust in a brand and it’s products during the online purchase process.

If used correctly, content can act virtually as a sales assistant would in a bricks and mortar store, offering answers to the objections a potential customer has when they’re going through the buying process.

If you thought the web couldn’t provide consultative selling then think again. Nichola presented some excellent strategies for creating content that will help hold your buyer’s hand from research to close, and shared a golden nugget from her armoury, Dataminer Chrome Extension, an incredibly useful free tool to scrape data from Q&A sites to understand what your customers needs and wants are.Use it wisely to drive the focus of your content.

Here’s Nichola’s presentation in full.

Emma Dunn – Why People Share Stuff

It might sound obvious however it doesn’t matter how good your content is, if it never gets shared or seen it’s never going to gain traction. So what is it that makes people share stuff online. Emma Dunn (), Content Strategist at marketing shared some insightful research with the conference audience.

People share content that they can use as a social currency. If sharing your content with their friends is going to make your audience look more intelligent, cool or elevate them to an “insider” then they’ll re-tweet, like and share it. People like sharing things that tell the world about themselves, it gives them identity. Focus your content into verticals and niche down when serving your readers in this way.

There’s also an big element of human psychology at work here too. People like sharing things that suprise them so share the unexpected and unusual, so create these elements within your content’s story. People love sharing stories so write a compelling script.

Utlimately research shows that the top four emotions that drive sharing on the web are:

  • Fear
  • Surprise
  • Amusement
  • Anger

Another good content strategy is making sure your content has “Usefulness” built in from the start. Is it actionable? Will it solve a problem? Can the user use your content as a tool?  If it’s usful it’s also more likely to be shared.

Here’s Emma’s incredibly insightful presentation in full.

As a bonus,  kudos to the inspirational CEO of Verve Search. rounding off the day by championing the principles of personal development for building your team. If you want a recipe for building an incredible company culture,  Lisa has the formula.

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