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3 Alternative Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Are you looking for ways to increase the number of visitors to your website? Unhappy with your new and returning visitor stats every time you open up your analytics program?

Your website is only going to generate new business for you if people know where to find it. This means driving traffic and the usual suspects of online advertising, SEO and content marketing are all great ways of attracting visitors to your site. However it’s a good idea to constantly add new channels into your marketing mix to bolster your website’s visibility and support your main digital marketing methods.

In this post we’re going to explore 3 alternative ways to drive more traffic to your site that you might not have thought of using before.

Create A Business PodcastAdd a podcast channel to your marketing mix

Hundreds of thousands of people search the popular podcast platforms every day looking for new audio to download that they can listen to on their journey to work, during their workouts, and whilst they’re working. Podcasts are becoming a popular way to consume content since you can listen to them whilst doing something else.

Creating a podcast for your business not only supplements your existing content marketing campaigns, it actually opens up a new audience that might not have otherwise had exposure to you before.

Creating a podcast is pretty straightforward, and you don’t have to build a super high tech recording studio to do it. There are plenty of good quality USB microphones you can plug straight into your computer that offer studio quality audio recordings. The Behringer C1U Microphone is a superb example of a low cost microphone that gives professional results, and one we use ourselves for audio recording.

If you want to get started recording a podcast straight away then simply recording audio into your phone is just as effective, most iPhone or Android handsets will give you good enough quality for podcasts if you’re in a hurry or don’t want to invest in a stand alone microphone. Once you’ve created your audio you can use Audacity, a free audio editor to trim and edit your podcast, and even add in some intro music too if you think that’s appropriate.

Once you’ve recorded your audio you can start distributing it to a new audience and some of the channels open to you for podcast distribution include The Apple iTunes Podcast Store, Spreaker Radio, Stitcher Radio, SoundCloud, and many more new channels are popping up every month.

You can also host your podcasts on your own server if you have one, and the best tool we’ve found for self hosting your podcast is PodcastGen which is a free open source program. If you have a web designer managing your website and you want to host podcasts ask them to install this on your server as it allows you to host your audio on your own server at no cost. Alternatively you can use Spreaker Radio to host your podcasts on their servers, although you may have to pay a monthly fee to Spreaker if you want to increase the amount of storage to host your podcasts.

Our top tip for podcasting is to create a specific landing page or URL that you mention in your podcast audio to drive traffic to so that you can measure how many people visit your website after listening to your podcast.

Creating An App For Your BusinessCreate a DIY Android App For Your Business

Creating your own app can be expensive and for small businesses that don’t have the budget to invest in a dedicated app there are a number of new free App Creators that you can feed your existing content into and their free web based software will create an mobile app that will be available to App Store users.

Whilst creating an iPhone App has always been expensive due to the closed nature of the Apple development framework (meaning you’ll likely need to pay an expensive developer to create an iPhone app for you)  we’ve found the easiest DIY app create to use is AppGeyser which creates an Android App for free, giving you visibility to the millions of tablet and mobile users that search the Google Play store every day.

When you create an app on AppGeyser it’s not published to the Google Play Store by default, but is downloadable only from the custom URL or QR code that AppGeyser supply, both of which can be used on your existing marketing media and website to build a new audience.

To publish your app to the Google Play store you need a Google Play developer account which costs $25, however it’s a small fee for access to such a wide reaching new audience so it’s worth the extra step.

AppGeyser can pull in content automatically from your blog via it’s RSS feed, and features a responsive and easy to use standard interface for users of the app to keep up to date with your business’ latest posts. You can even feed your podcast RSS feed into it a second app to increase your reach through the Google Play store.

Distribute Your Business ContentLeverage The Power Of Content Networks

The real power of the internet is in amplifying your content exponentially across other networks in a highly targeted way. Piggy backing onto an existing audience created by someone else is also one of the quickest ways to build a following.

If you are already creating content for your marketing then syndicating it across other relevant content distribution networks is a great way to attract new eyeballs to your website.

We regularly post useful and relevant articles to BizSugar and ExploreB2B since our content is targeted at small businesses. In addition to direct traffic to our website, we also build new followers to our social media channels from the content networks too which in turn will then create secondary traffic back to our website once they’re connected to us socially.

Talking of social interactions, social media isn’t the only way to drive new traffic to your website. If you find a blog post on another website that you think you can add some valuable information to then join in the conversation and go ahead and post a reply. Keep your replies genuine, on topic and don’t succumb to the desperation of posting a reply or a link just for the sake of it. That’s spammy.

Get genuinely involved in the conversation and add value, just as you would on any social media. Do however make sure that when adding your comments your user profile for the blog comment does include a link back to your website. That way if like minded people agree with you and find your comments useful or engaging they know how to connect with a kindred spirit.

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