10 recommended books for marketers, freelancers and business owners

5 Recommended Reads That Will Make You A Better Marketer, Freelancer Or Small Business Owner

Whatever line of business you’re in, whether you’re working for an employer, freelancing or a business owner, just like an athlete if you want to gain and maintain any level of success in your field you should be constantly working on improving yourself, your business and your mindset. Books are my preferred method of learning,…

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Does your content marketing sell?

Content Might Be The New Keyword, But Does Your Content Sell? BrightonSEO Roundup Pt2

With the focus of search engine optimisation having shifted away from keywords, content marketing has taken centre stage in the SEO space as a key driver of traffic to your website. So does your content sell? Thinking about content marketing only in the context of gaining valuable inbound links means you’re actually half the value…

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Are Your Links Getting The Love They Deserve? BrightonSEO Roundup Pt1

Amplication is one of the  best ways to make a marketing impact online, and you need a good plan to have your content, links and products gain traction. Here’s a roundup of some of the best presentations from the BrightonSEO Spring 2014  that will help you improve the way you research, connect and feed the…

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BrightonSEO Spring 2014 Brighton Dome

Why BrightonSEO Is The New Bletchley Park Of Digital Marketing

Twice a year some of the brightest minds in digital marketing take over the Brighton Dome complex for what can only be described as the  new “Bletchley Park” of digital marketing but nearer the sea. This year’s spring conference that took place on 24th April was another meeting of masterminds on a grand scale. BrightonSEO…

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Social Media Management Tools

Using Commun.it To Understand Your Social Media Audience

Managing your social media presence can be a challenge. Keeping up to speed with your online relationships and building a following that’s relevant and supportive can be a massive task. It’s really important when using social media that you monitor and manage your community. Keeping your followers engaged, feeding your influencers and thank your supporters…

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