The Essential Guide To Marketing Your Business On The Web!

Essential Digital Marketing For Small Business BookYour business is online but how do you find customers? SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Content Marketing, Blogging, Mobile? How do you make sense of it all and get digital marketing working for you?

"Essential Digital Marketing For Small Business" brings you practical expert advice and strategies for successfully marketing your business on the web using all of these channels. This book will make you a better online marketer whether you're a  small business owner, entrepreneur or independent marketer. Written by experts, outstanding value!Amazon Digital Marketing Book Small Business

Developing the right digital marketing strategy for your business is key to it's online success. This book shows you how to generate more leads, attract new customers and take full advantage of online marketing for your business.

Simon Dunant
Simon Dunant Author, Essential Digital Marketing For Small Business

In this Book You Will Discover...

  • Practical Steps On Using Social Media

    Setting up your social media accounts is the easy part, how to use them effectively to bring in more business is the challenge. Learn new techniques, trends and tools to attract new clients and build your brand online via social media.

  • How To Turn Content Into Customers

    Real world advice and interviews with businesses, experts and industry associations that give you practical insights on how to use blogging, content marketing and online media to connect with new customers on the web

  • How To Gain Search Engine Visibility

    Getting your business discovered online is essential. The web is changing and so are the strategies that help your business get found in search engines. What should you be focusing on to raise your business’ search credibility? how you can take advantage of the mobile revolution, how to measure your success online and much more...

Andrew Ludlam

With the very latest insights on how to profit from social media, SEO blogging and much more, Simon’s book comes highly recommended. Read, learn and apply the latest online, techniques, tools and tactics and stay one step ahead of your competition!

Andrew Ludlam, Maverick Marketing Consultancy

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Also available to order in Kindle and other eReader formats

Inside Expert Interviews On Marketing Your Business Online...

Inside the "Essential Digital Marketing For Small Business" book you’ll also find full length interviews and insight from leading digital marketing experts and small business owners, helping you gain an understanding of some of the ways others have successfully used digital marketing to increase sales and increase the exposure of their business, including:

Simon Dunant

Understanding how to use Twitter for your business can be challenging and time consuming so developing the right strategy for your business and brand on the social messaging service is key to your business success

Simon Dunant Author, 'Essential Digital Marketing' & Founder, New Rise Digital
Tony Dimmock

The days of ranking highly with cheap, low-quality links, spamming web pages with 100’s of keywords and spinning content just for ranking purposes (aka lazy online marketing) are long gone – yet many small business owners don’t yet understand this.

Tony Dimmock Dimmock Web Marketing
Heather Robinson

In the same way that television brought advertisers into the front room of their potential customers, Facebook opens the door into their homes and private lives, but at a very low cost. We can learn so much about the person behind the profile with people sharing a great deal of information about themselves

Heather Robinson
Joe Pulizzi

How do we break through all the clutter and get customers’ attention on a regular basis? How do we get found in search engines? How do we get people to talk about us on social?  We better be interesting and helpful, and we better do that on a consistent basis.

Joe Pulizzi Founder, Content Marketing Institute
Lotta Holmberg

Content marketing for Toothpick is a really exciting area. We have embraced blogging specifically as a way of increasing our reach, traffic and influence throughout our industry and beyond.

Lotta Holmberg Marketing Communications Manager, Toothpick.Com
Kevin Jones

Small businesses in particular should be concentrating their efforts on mobile because many small businesses are local businesses, and their digital marketing must ensure that local people, on the move, are able to find and engage with businesses easily.

Kevin Jones Digital Director, Tecmark Digital Marketing
Ruth Noel-Samaroo

Video is the best way to connect with people!… You can share a lot of valuable content and even better than that you can just be real, be yourself…

Ruth Noel-Samaroo Noel Book Keeping

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Also available to order in Kindle and other eReader formats